Eli Rousso: Issue 0005

Going Live — Designers Should Code™ — Primitive Community

Embarking on a mission to create the next generation design school: http://primitive.school/

We are live

On Friday I hit the launch button on Primitive.


Primitive saw a lot of traffic on Friday and continued to into the weekend. Again, I’m not too focused on metrics right now.

Designers should code™

It’s exciting to see so many designers start to bridge the gap between design and SwiftUI development. Here are some highlights from the SwiftUI community on Twitter.

Primitive Community

Thank you

Shout out to everyone participating in the Slack and to everyone helping out with Primitive on Twitter. Thank you to the beta testers and Pasquale for the endorsement. There’s so much more planned for this Summer and Fall.

And a huge thanks to Jordan Singer who first introduced me to SwiftUI. Your enthusiasm, curiosity, and relentless hard work is so inspiring.

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That’s it!

Thanks for reading and see you next week.

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