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Weekly Update: Beta Results, New Lessons, Slack Community

Embarking on a mission to create the next generation design school: http://primitive.school/

Primitive Beta: Round 1

SwiftUI for Designers is my first private beta release and first time creating video content for a learning audience.

  1. I used Squarespace to send my emails.

  2. I sent out 4 lessons to 25 testers for feedback.

  3. I used Typeform to build a custom survey.

  4. It took about a week for 9 / 25 testers to respond (36%).

Performance & Feedback

Validation: the materials work!

Another good signal: the videos are valuable.

Overall, the videos are high quality however the jury is still out on the music. As I am creating more lessons, I’ve made a point to remove the music besides the intro and outro. I wish I had a better sample size and had asked less questions for this round.

Things that are working

“Love the course. Feels like hanging out with a bud.”

“Super easy to follow along, conservative pace.”

“…the designer-first approach is really refreshing!”

Things to improve

“Pacing for the first four episodes was a little slow for me.”

“Was hoping to get an idea of what I'll be able to do after completing this course.”

“Wish they were longer. It feels like you’re just getting started when they start to wrap up.”

Thank you again beta testers for this first round of feedback. I’m working hard to improve the next batch of lessons with all of this in mind.

New Lessons for Primitive Beta Testers

There are now 10 lessons for the SwiftUI for Designers beta testers. (I am sending an email later this week with more details.) These modules allow you to go from 0 to Coding in under an hour without any prior programming knowledge. After learning the basics through the lessons, you can experiment by creating your own final project.

  1. [Lesson] Intro to SwiftUI

  2. [Lesson] Getting Started with Xcode

  3. [Lesson] Xcode Tips & Tricks

  4. [Lesson] Typography I

  5. [Lesson] Typography II

  6. [Lesson] Symbols & Images

  7. [Lesson] Color

  8. [Lesson] More Modifiers

  9. [Lesson] Layout, Stacks, and Subviews

  10. [Lesson] Design Systems

    [Project] Your first SwiftUI Project + Demos [TBD]

SwiftUI for Designers: Roadmap

  • There are 3 sections within SwiftUI for Designers

    • Appearance: How it Looks - June Release

    • Behavior: How it Interacts - July Release

    • Programming: How it Works - Late Summer Release

  • Note: The new SwiftUI & Xcode 12 updates from WWDC 2020 will be factored into all of Primitive’s new lessons, from Behavior onwards.

How Lessons Are Organized

In SwiftUI for Designers, although there is a suggested order, you can start anywhere, and do them out of order, and that’s why they’re so concise and portable. You can snap lesson modules together and create your own projects much like a Vitsœ shelving system. This flexibility allows you to learn the way you want.

Primitive Community Beta

This week I will be opening up the Primitive Community Slack to beta testers. Please email me here if you’d like to join the community and learn SwiftUI together. There’s never been a better time to start learning SwiftUI and it’s more fun to learn code as a group.

I was really inspired when I saw this thread by Ana and I wanted to show how Primitive fits in with this vision of learning.

  • Collaborative. Learning is more fun in groups. This prompted Primitive Community.

  • Project-based. All Primitive projects are presentable, sharable, and demo-able for the community. Members learn in lessons and practice in projects.

  • Encouraging experiments: Primitive makes it safe to explore and try new things.

  • Fast iterations: The Primitive Community offers a tight feedback loop of experimenting and learning together.

  • Setting big goals. Primitive members can be ambitious. We go from designing systems to building prototypes to building production-level apps.

  • Milestones over finish lines. In SwiftUI for Designers, Primitive members can focus on appearance, but also dive deeper into interactions. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Relinquishing control. My role is less about teaching or lecturing and more about fielding questions and offering advice. I’m learning just as you are.


I stopped using my routine template

I’ve been pouring my time into watching WWDC videos, reviewing code, writing lessons, recording, and editing. I’ve stopped using my routine template and have been relying on a gnarly todo list that really needs some love. That said, work is still getting done. I think I was aiming for too many new habits all at once.

I’m using index cards to focus. I used bullet-journals and an index card system in the past. Then I went completely digital. After seeing the Analog Kickstarter project, I wanted to give index cards another shot.

I didn’t like the designs on the project and found a cheap alternative and also a more expensive one with a dot grid and rounded corners. I like index cards over notebook pages because you can only fit so much on a single card at a time.

I picked up a light phone. I’m going to experiment with it over July. It’s too easy to be distracted by my iPhone these days and I’m excited to finally try this thing out.


Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break ...

I didn’t read much last week, so I’m pushing myself through Atomic Habits.

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That’s it!

Thanks for reading and see you next week.

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